Tableaux, Mobilier & Objets d’Art

samedi 16 novembre 2019 14:00
Nice, 50, rue Gioffredo 06000 Nice
Sale information

Vendredi 15 novembre de 14h30 à 18h00

Archéologie Christophe KUNICKI (lot 49) Tél :
Haute Epoque (lot) Laurence FLIGNY (lot 99-101-102-103-105) Tél :
Extrême-Orient Pierre ANSAS - Anne PAPILLON D’ALTON Tél :
Mobilier Stéphane PEPE Tél : 04 93 58 57 90
Estampes Sylvie COLLIGNON Tél :
Tableaux XIXè-début XXè Cabinet CHANOIS Tél :
Tableaux anciens Cabinet TURQUIN-PINTA Tél :
Expert argenterie Cabinet VION (lot 80) Tél :01 42 46 80 86
Sales conditions
Sales are governed by Articles L312-4 of the French Code of Commerce.
SVV Hôtel des Ventes Nice Riviera, as Sales Operator, shall serve as the
Seller’s agent, and all relations with bidding parties shall take place as described
in the present Terms of Sale.
Goods put up for auction: The details found in the Catalogue are legally
binding upon the Auction House and Experts assisting it, taking into account
any and all corrections announced upon submission of the object
and subsequently listed in the Record of Sale. Lining, parquet work and
sheathing shall be considered a preventive measure, and not a defect; size,
weight and estimated value shall be determined for guidance purposes only.
Prior exhibition of the item enables potential buyers to form their own
judgment of the condition of the objects put up for sale. Consequently, no
claims shall be considered once a lot has been sold. The SVV remains at
the buyers’ disposal for any information required and invites all interested
parties to seek information about the lots.
Bidding: The Buyer is defined as the highest and final bidder, and will be
required to provide name, address, proof of identity and bank details. All
buyers are assumed to be bidding on their own behalf and shall hold sole
responsibility for their bidding. Should a buyer bid on behalf of a thirdparty,
the buyer shall provide the identity of the latter beforehand, so that
the invoice can be correctly drawn up. No changes will be accepted after
the sale. Should the auctioneer declare double bidding to have occurred,
the lot shall be immediately put up for repeat sale, and all interested parties
will be invited to take part in the bidding. The auctioneer and experts reserve
the right, in the interest of the sale, to combine, split or remove any
lot from the sale.
Purchase Orders: The Auction House may fulfil free of charge any purchase
order submitted in writing, by Internet or by telephone. Buyers wishing
to proceed in this manner may send in their request in writing, 24
hours prior to the date of sale, by completing the form provided along with
a check or bank details. SVV Hôtel des Ventes Nice Riviera will act on behalf
of the bidding party, in accordance with the instructions given in the
form, in an effort to purchase the relevant lot at the lowest possible price,
not exceeding the stated maximum figure. Should an equivalent bid be
submitted in the room on the day of auction, the bidding party present
shall be given priority.
Telephone bidding shall be accepted where the lowest estimated price of
the lot is greater than EUR300. It is recommended that telephone bidders
provide a back-up purchase order which we will be able to execute on your
behalf, should we be unable to reach you. The Auction House may not be
held responsible for having failed to execute a purchase order due to error,
omission or dysfunction in telephone/Internet/Drouot Live services, or for
any other reason.
Payment of Agreed Price: Payment shall be made in Euros, immediately
after the sale. The successful bidder shall, furthermore, pay sales taxes and
fees in addition to the hammer price, amounting to :
1) in the eventuality of a volontary auction :
30 % TTC (25 % HT + TVA 20 %).
2) *in the eventuality of a court imposed auction :
14,40 % TTC (12 % HT + TVA 20 %).
3) **in the eventuality of Pawnshop auction :
15 % TTC.
No lots shall be delivered to successful bidders until the amounts due are
paid in full.