Bijoux, montres, pièces, lingots d or et maroquinerie

mardi 14 novembre 2023 14:30
50 Rue Gioffredo 06000 Nice
Sale information

Vente de bijoux, montres, pièces et lingots d'or et maroquinerie

Sales conditions



"Any tender slip that remains unpaid with the OVV Hôtel des Ventes Nice Riviera and SCP *or having been the subject of late payment may be entered in the TEMIS File. "


The sale is governed by articles L312-4 of the Commercial Code. The OVV Hôtel des Ventes Nice Riviera sales operator acts as the seller's agent and its relations with bidders are specified by these conditions of sale.


The goods offered for sale: The indications given in the catalog engage the responsibility of the auction house and the experts who assist it, taking into account the corrections announced at the time of the presentation of the object and recorded in the minutes of the sale. . Relining, flooring or doubling are considered as a protective measure and not as a defect; dimensions, weights and estimates are indicative. A prior exhibition allows buyers to see the condition of the items offered for sale. No complaints will be accepted once the auction has been awarded pronounced. The OVV is at your disposal for any information, and invites each interested to inquire about the lots.


Auctions: The successful bidder will be the highest and last bidder, and will be required to provide his name and address, presenting proof of identity and bank details. Any bidder is deemed to bid on his own account and is held solely responsible for the auction. If the latter is bidding on behalf of a third party, he must disclose the identity of this person beforehand, so that the invoice is correctly established. No modification can be made after the sale. In the event of a double bid recognized as effective by the auctioneer, the lot will be immediately put up for auction, and any interested person will be invited to participate in the auction again. The auctioneer and the experts reserve the right, in the interest of the sale, to join, divide or withdraw any lot from the sale.


Buy order: The auction house can execute any buy order free of charge. A written request must be made 24 hours before the session, using the form duly completed and accompanied by a check or bank details. The Nice Riviera Sales Hotel OVV will act on behalf of the bidder, according to the instructions specified in this form, in order to try to buy the lot concerned at the lowest price, and not exceeding the maximum amount indicated. In the event of a bidding in the room for the same amount, the bidder present will have priority.

Telephone auctions are accepted for lots with a low estimate of over 300 EUR. It is recommended that you specify a security buy order that we can execute on your behalf in the event that we are unable to reach you. The Auction House is not responsible for failing to execute a buy order by mistake, omission, telephone malfunction or for any other cause.

Payment of the price: The sale is conducted in euros and is expressly made in cash. The successful bidder must pay in addition to the auction price, the following taxes and sales costs:

1) in the context of voluntary sales: 18% incl. Tax (15% excl. Tax + 20% VAT).

2) * in the context of legal sales: 14.28%% incl. Tax (11.90% excl. Tax + 20% VAT).

3) ** in the context of municipal credit sales: 15% including tax.

No lot will be returned to purchasers before payment of all amounts due.

Non-declining and non-negotiable costs.


Means of payment :

- by check, necessarily accompanied by an identity document; only the cashing of the non-certified check constitutes payment and transfer of ownership. Checks drawn on a foreign bank will only be authorized after prior agreement from the Sales Company. For this, buyers are advised to obtain, before the sale, a letter of credit from their bank for a value close to their intention to purchase, which they will send to the Selling Company.

- in cash within the limit of taxes and fees included, EUR 1,000 for private French residents and professionals, EUR 15,000 for foreign individuals on proof of their identity, the source of the funds and their declaration of sums to of the customs administration, decree n ° 2010 - 662 of June 16, 2010.

- by transfer indicating the slip number

- by Visa and MasterCard

VAT: The VAT included in the margin may be refunded to buyers who are not residents of the European Union after sending to the OVV the customs export document, copy n ° 3, stamped by customs, within two months after the sale. No tax slip will be issued without official proof of export, the only intra-community VAT number is not sufficient.


Failure to pay: Payment by bounced check or default of payment does not entail the responsibility of the Sales Company and consequently releases it from the obligation of payment to the seller.

At the expiration of a period of one month after formal notice to the purchaser by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at his expense, and in the absence of payment of the amount due, it will be collected from the purchaser and for payment of the costs. collection costs an additional fee of 10% of the hammer price, with a minimum of 300 Euros.

The application of this cause does not preclude the award of damages and the costs of the proceedings which would be necessary, and does not prejudge the possible implementation of the irresponsible bidding procedure.


Irresponsible bid: in the absence of payment by the successful bidder, the property is put back on sale at the seller's request on the insane bidding of the defaulting bidder: if the seller does not make this request within one month from the adjudication, the sale is automatically terminated, without prejudice to damage. Interest owed by the defaulting contractor.


Collection of lots: No lot will be remitted before payment of the total amount due. In the event of payment by uncertified check, collection of items may be deferred until receipt. The awarded purchases will be stored in the warehouse of the Study; they remain the sole responsibility of the successful tenderer. Storage costs due by the purchaser will be claimed beyond 15 days of storage.

Shipment of the lots: The shipment of the lots is a facility granted by the OVV to customers, the OVV is not responsible for the transport of the lots. The shipment of the lots will only be done at the express written request of the successful bidder after the sale accompanied by a letter of discharge of liability, and at his expense.


Export of lots: The export of lots may be subject to obtaining authorizations, under the responsibility of the buyer. Obtaining, refusing or obtaining authorizations cannot condition the payment period or justify the cancellation of the sale.


Right of pre-emption: The French State has a right of pre-emption of works sold, by declaration upon adjudication, to the auctioneer. The state has 15 days to confirm the exercise of this right. In this case, he replaces the last bidder.

Right of access: The right of access is the right recognized for any person to question the controller to find out if he has information about him, and if necessary to obtain communication of it. See article 32 of the law and models of information notices in the notice.


Live auctions via the Live service of the website

If you wish to bid online during the sale, please register on and make a credit card imprint (neither your credit card number nor its expiration date are kept). You therefore agree that communicates to OVV Hôtel des Ventes Nice Riviera and SCP * all the information relating to your registration as well as your credit card imprint. The OVV Hôtel des Ventes Nice Riviera and SCP * reserve the right to request, if necessary, additional information before your final registration to bid online.

Any online auction will be considered an irrevocable commitment to purchase.

If you are an online contractor, you authorize La OVV Hôtel des Ventes Nice Riviera and SCP *, if they so wish, to use your credit card imprint to proceed with the payment, partial or total, of your acquisitions, including the usual costs for the purchase. buyer's responsibility.

These costs are increased:

• For voluntary lots, an increase of 3% excluding tax of the hammer price (ie + 3.60% including tax).

• For judicial lots, an increase of 1% excluding tax of the hammer price (ie + 1,20% including tax).

• For vehicles, an increase of 40 EUR excluding tax per vehicle (ie +48 EUR including tax per vehicle).

• For charitable sales, no increase in usual fees.

OVV Hôtel des Ventes Nice Riviera and SCP * cannot guarantee the efficiency of this auction method and cannot be held responsible for a connection problem to the service, for any reason whatsoever.

Secret buy orders via

OVV Hôtel des Ventes Nice Riviera and SCP * are not aware of the maximum amount of your secret orders deposited via Your bids are formed automatically and gradually within the limit you have set.

The execution of the order adapts to the fire of the auctions depending on the auctions in progress. The bidding step is defined by the following intervals: up to € 19: € ​​5,

from € 20 to € 199: € 10,

from € 200 to € 499: € 50,

from € 500 to € 999: € 100 ,

from € 1,000 to € 4,999: € 200,

from € 5,000 to € 9,999: € 500,

from € 10,000 to € 19,999:€ 1,000,

from € 20,000 to € 49,999: € 2,000,

from € 50,000 to € 99,999: € 5,000,

€ 100,000 and more: € 10,000.


If you are a successful bidder via a secret purchase order, you authorize OVV Hôtel des Ventes Nice Riviera and SCP *, if they so wish,

to use your credit card imprint to make partial or total payment for your purchases, including the usual costs payable by the buyer.

These costs are increased:

• For voluntary lots, an increase of 3% excluding tax of the hammer price (ie + 3.60% including tax).

• For voluntary vehicles, an increase of EUR 35 excluding taxes per vehicle (i.e. + EUR 42 including taxes per vehicle)

• For judicial sales, no increase in usual costs.

• For charitable sales, no increase in usual fees.

OVV Hôtel des Ventes Nice Riviera and SCP * cannot guarantee the efficiency of this auction method and cannot be held to

responsible for a problem connecting to the service, for whatever reason.



"Any auction slip which has remained unpaid after the OVV Hôtel des Ventes Nice Riviera and SCP * or which has been the subject of late payment is liable to be entered in the Auction access restrictions file (" TEMIS file ”) implemented by the company Commissaires-Priseurs Multimédia (CPM), a public limited company with a management board, having its registered office at (75009) Paris, 37 rue de Châteaudun, registered in the Paris trade and companies register under the

number 437 868 425.

The TEMIS file can be consulted by all auction structures operating in France which subscribe to this service. The list of TEMIS Service subscribers can be viewed on the site, “Buy at auction” menu, “Auctioneers” section.

Registration in the TEMIS File may have the consequence of limiting the bidder's ability to bid to Professionals who subscribe to the TEMIS service. It also entails the temporary suspension of access to the "Live" service of the platform managed by CPM, in accordance with the general conditions of use of this platform.

In the event that a bidder is registered in the TEMIS File, the OVV Hôtel des Ventes Nice Riviera and SCP * may make access to the auctions it organizes conditional on the use of specific means of payment or guarantees or temporarily refuse the participation of the Bidder in auctions for which these guarantees cannot be implemented. Bidders wishing to know if they are the subject of a registration in the TEMIS File, contest their registration or exercise the rights of access, rectification, erasure, limitation, opposition available to them in application of the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data, can send their requests in writing, proving their identity by producing a copy of an identity document:

- For registrations made by the OVV Hôtel des Ventes Nice Riviera and SCP * in writing to [contact details of the OVV Hôtel des Ventes Nice Riviera and SCP *,

- For registrations made by other Professional Subscribers:

in writing to Multimedia Auctioneers 37 rue de Châteaudun, 75009 Paris or by e-mail

The Bidder also has the right to lodge a complaint with the National Commission for Informatics and Liberties (CNIL) [3 Place de Fontenoy - TSA 80715 - 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07,] concerning his registration with TEMIS file.

To find out more about the TEMIS File, the bidder is invited to consult our general conditions of sale.

Important notifications relating to the outcome of the auction will be sent to the e-mail address and / or to the postal address declared by the bidder to the structure during the auction. The bidder must inform the Nice Riviera Sales Hotel OVV and SCP * of any change in their contact details. "



Buyer Service:

Storage:Call for availability50 rue Gioffredo,06000 Nice - FrancePhone. +33 (0) 4 93 62 14 71  

Please have your purchase slip with you when picking up the lots

If you are unable to collect your lot immediately, the Storage Department of the warehouse of Hotel des Ventes Nice Riviera will handle it.

This service is subject to the following conditions:


Cost of the first 3 weeks of storage: free

Cost of the 4th week: 10 € per business day

Cost from the 5th week onwards: 20 € per business day


A 50 % reduction of storage costs is granted to foreign clients and French professionals based outside of Nice, upon presentation of supporting documents.

Please be advised that

- Lots are handed over by Nice Riviera Storage after full and clear payment of the storage costs, upon presentation of the paid invoice and/or the sales ticket.

- Any lot that has not been collected within one year from its entry date into the Storage Service will be deemed abandoned and its ownership transferred to the Hotel des Ventes NIce Riviera as a guarantee to cover storage costs.